“Midas and Medusa” Appears in Five2One


I’m a bit behind the eight ball on this post, but that’s been the story of my life lately.

Back in January, Five2One Magazine was gracious enough to publish my Poem “Midas and Medusa.” This piece is one of my favorites and I’m so glad that it found a home with such a wonderful publication.

All the best,


“Wednesdays,” “Man and Man Made,” and “The Celebration of Hunger” to appear in Synchronized Chaos Magazine

Friends, I’m happy to announce that three of my poems: Wednesdays, Man and Man Made, and The Celebration of Hunger will be appearing in the October issue of Synchronized Chaos.

This is a great webzine filled with a wide variety of content and I’m honored to be among its digital pages.

Be on the lookout for Wednesdays, Man and Man Made, and The Celebration of Hunger in October!

The Dandelion Killer Release

What an amazing weekend! Despite the rain, the Dandelion Killer Release was a huge success. I was absolutely humbled to see so many faces, both familiar and new, there in support of my art. For everyone who was there, I owe you a colossus of thanks. For those who weren’t, I hope to have more events in the future! Trust me, I’ll let you know.

Special thanks to Modern Now Gallery and my good friend Trey Moseley, without whom this event would not have occurred.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. From the bottom of my Dandelion Heart.






Layaway Fantasy

“In Betweeners” Volume 15

corkscrew circumstance

through a linguist’s loom

tendrils twisting like fate

spun spindly by the wind

can you see the blind man?

shaking his cup on your stoop?

in the morning, in the rain

jangling his sympathy like a blues song

no, I cannot spare a dime

for your postured providence

your posthumous promises

i cannot buy your dream

but I’ll buy my own

by and by – a layaway fantasy

woven like rain-soaked cotton

into fabric I’ll never wear

Fear of Music

(with special thanks to Hugo Ball and Talking Heads)

“In Betweeners” Volume 13


i am a snake, electrified

hanging from the window

of a loft; in a city


bim-blassa gallasa-za zimbra-brim


spineless, inarticulated, coated with

rubber and plastic; body buzzing

with volts and amplified waves


bim-blassa gallasa-za zimbra-brim


my mouth on a guitar string, tail inside

a van, parked on the street, surveilling

like government agents in a movie


bim-blassa gallasa-za zimbra-brim


one day this glass guillotine will

bisect me; and I’ll be as useless as

words without meaning


glassa tu-fu i-zimbra


“In Betweeners” Volume 12

The sun is all spades today

And my hand is full of hearts

Wait, did you think this would be easy?

A piece of cake, baked

In a pottery kiln

Crusted with clay and demons


You wouldn’t believe how lucky I’ve been

And how lucky you are

And how lucky everyone is

To climb the stairs our fathers built

Hammer and tooth and nail

Anyone can hear a tree fall

In a forest, planked and partitioned

But no one can hear it scream

The Goddess in the Garden

“In Betweeners” Volume 11

flailed her arms

electric crimson and blue and

colors without names

like the dancers in the nightclubs

through the bricks and foliage dark

the grass was cold and wet

laden with a premature dew

i imagined it was sweat flying

from her bare chest and brow

as I watched her, a voyeur


she’s still there

even in the daylight

but she doesn’t dance

doesn’t beckon

like she did the night when

she crawled into my eyes

and turned my heart to stone

It Always Rains in Paradise

“In Betweeners” Volume 10

a strange storm is brewing; a pot of putrid coffee


through strange clouds; on a strange wind



the storm is a calendar; bimonthly bulletin


the pictures dark and taunting; things no eyes should see



it always rains in paradise; on your day at the beach


it will pass; but the sun still burns


dreams of a temperate breeze