The Dandelion Killer


Thirteen poems born out of adapting to life on a farm, exploring life, death, and existential dark side of pastoralism. Walk with the Dandelion Killer as he claims his floral victims and his own environment begins to turn on him, revealing that within every pecan orchard, every rolling countryside, there is something sinister hidden just below the surface.

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Read “Days from actualization but moments from destruction,” the review from Modern Now

“There is a voice that haunts the collection, is it the Dandelion, the continual and perpetual churning of life or that voice in our own heads. In Farm there is a clue, it is what traps us and leads us all, to a life filled of observation, destruction and birth from fields ablaze. This is not a collection of poems romanticizing farm life, nor the economic woes and hardship of hard labor feeding the countless soles of the often nameless.Rather we are taken in, then out, often forced and sealed to be ruptured and spilled as in the Tabby and Shadows, to the processes of life, the seed, the sowing of the seed, the tending of the seed, the spreading of the seed and the often bitter observation of a life in progress while following a path set in place by events or people that we have barely witnessed or understood.” – Modern Now


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